We put into practice our knowledge and imagination.

Our technologies and most important stories

We originated from…

Our refineries in Japan are operated under a state of the art technological facility which produces lubricants in its purest form.

Our people…

With highly trained and skilled engineers foreseeing the process, we bring the best out from our engine oils. Our engine oils are distinguished from its durability, whereby it is less sensitive compared to the many others in the market. As such, our oils are able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Our promise…

We put into practice our vast knowledge and great skill on a daily basis to provide you with first class engine oils.

Our philosophy…

Do you remember your first ever car? It can be the 1974 Toyota Corolla you had your first kiss in, or the 1977 Daihatsu Charade that brought you to places, places you never thought possible. Heck, it can even be the new Subaru Impreza that made you the envy among all your friends and family. Whatever your first car may be, one thing will always remain clear; we never forget our first.

We here at Mpower Lubricants still remember our first, our first manufacture of our brand of engine oils. We remember the grueling hours put into perfecting our formula, we remember our sacrifices, and we remember the sleepless nights spent in testing our oils for performance.  But most of all, we remember what inspired it all, which is people like you, the drivers. From your ever first car up till now, we give you our best to help care for your vehicle.

We fully comprehend the relationship between man and car. Because a car isn’t just another mode of transportation, it is more than that. It is a medium expressing our love for the open road, it is the lead to our destination, and it is the possibility of a journey.

It is our philosophy to always have the heart (engine) of your car in our best interest. It is our ultimate priority to have our engine oils serve car enthusiasts everywhere as we assure our engine oils will care for your car no matter what.

Like how most people would never forget their first car, we will never forget who inspired it all.

Corporate Vision

We aspire to be the forefront runners of engine oil technology.

Corporate Mission

To serve Malaysian car enthusiasts, with our engine oils.

A great engine starts with MPower motor oils